To Business Owners, sometimes find that Insurance does not seem to make much sense.  An Agent asks a few questions, inquires about the claims you may have had, talks about payroll and gross receipts, wants to know the limits of liability you want quoted, and that’s about it.  The Agent seems to fill in the rest and you sign the form.  HOWEVER, to a “SPECIALIST”, it is a lot more than that.  If all you collect is the basic information noted above then the quote you will be provided will be a general basic main street quote out of the box.


There is a lot more information that will make a difference and help tell your story.   It is important to understand and consider:


  How long have you been in the business, maybe not just as  an owner;


  Not what state you are in but what part of the state you WORK in;


  Who are the other contractors on the job.  In today’s LITIGOUS society everyone on the project is named in any suit;


  Are contracts entered into and signed by all the parties that describe the JOB?  Do they require evidence of insurance? If you have to pay for insurance shouldn’t everyone else?  Not what insurance or how much, JUST that there is evidence of insurance provided by everyone, so you are not left holding the bag;


   And other obvious questions and answers that make one owner different from another business owner that may be  available for the same job.


For an Agent/Producer, there are over 2,500 different licensed Insurance Companies that may have a program or has developed a specialty for your type of business operation. Experience, having earned the respect and confidence of the Insurance Companies, and being able to provide nationwide access to the major markets, can make a difference in the insurance quoted.


Please review the listing of Application KITS available to be printed from the Web Site and then complete the form most applicable to your business and FAX to the office for processing.  COMPLETED APPLICATIONS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  NO QUESTIONS SHOULD BE LEFT BLANK.  ENTER NONE AT LEAST.













































            ◘ Commercial AUTO – Principal business is use of an AUTO

Airport Bus Service

                        Armored Car Service

                        Auto Recovery Agents (Repossession)

Buses (Business)

Coal Trucks

Commercial Auto – Long Haul 1 to 15 Power Units

Commercial Auto – Long Haul 15 to 750 Power Units

Commercial Auto – Short Haul 1 to 15 Power Units

            Commercial Auto – Short Haul 15 to 750 Power Units

            Dump Trucks

            Garbage Trucks

            Gasoline Distributors

            Limousine/Black Car Company

            Livestock Haulers

            Package Delivery Companies

            Propane Dealers and Distributors

            Sand and Gravel Haulers

            Taxi Cab Companies

            Tow Trucks           

Trucking Motor Freight – Long Haul 1 to 15 Power Units

Trucking Motor Freight – Long Haul 15 to 750 Power Units

Trucking Motor Freight – Short Haul 1 to 15 Power Units

            Trucking Motor Freight – Short Haul 15 to 750 Power Units

            Vans – Business

            Valet Parking



◘ Business AUTO is the incidental use of an AUTO in your business or profession:

                        Artisan Contractors




                        Farm and Ranch

            Retail Store Delivery



Also Available:

                        Workers Compensation

                        Group Health Insurance / Individual Health

                        Employment Practices Liability

                        Business Building Property

                        Business Contents Property

                        Directors and Officers Liability

                        Business Auto / Incidental to Business

                        Commercial Auto / Primary Business Purpose

                        Surety and Fidelity Bonds

                        Excess Liability

                        Business Owners Policy

                        ● Product Liability

                        ◘ Cyber Liability






Should you have any questions about service or special risks not directly identified above, please call 1-866-937-7037, or FAX 1-866-937-7010  or E-mail