Business Owners sometimes find that Insurance does not seem to make much sense.  An Agent asks a few questions, inquires about the claims you may have had, talks about payroll and gross  receipts, wants to know the limits of liability you want quoted and that’s about it.  The Agent seems to fill in the rest and you sign the form.  HOWEVER, to a “SPECIALIST”, it is a lot more than that.  If all you collect is the basic information noted above, the quote provided will be a general street quote out of the box.  Your business is not separated from all of the rest.


There is a lot more information that will make a difference and help tell your story.  It is important to understand and consider:


     ◘ How long have you been in the business, maybe not just as an owner;


     ◘ Not what state you are in but what part of the state you WORK in;


     ◘ And all and any other facts that help tell YOUR story.


Please print the Application KIT that applies to your business and FAX BACK to the fax number identified to obtain your quote.


For an Agent/Producer, there are over 2,500 different licensed Insurance Companies that may have a program or that has developed a specialty for your type of business operation. Experience, having earned the respect and confidence of the Insurance Companies, and being able to provide nationwide access to the major markets, can make a difference in the insurance quoted for your business.


For over 46 years, F. Darrell Lindsey has organized, operated, been involved in developing, and has had direct insurance company and authority to underwrite, issue and manage insurance for almost every type and class of Health Care and Human Services business.   Below please find a partial list of the separate application packages now available to be printed.  Please complete 100%.   DO NOT LEAVE BLANK QUESTIONS.  To any questions not answered, enter NONE, and fax back to receive a quote.


Use this Application Kit for the Business Types Noted Below:


  (CLICK the application noted below that best applies to  your business operations

  and specific needs)


            Adult Day Care (Senior Care)

            Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation

            Assisted Living Homes

            Barber Shops and Beauty Shops

            Child Day Care

            ◘ Chiropractor

            Cosmetic Medicine & Laser Treatments

◘ Dental Hygienists


            ◘ Health Care Transportation

            Home Health Care Agencies

            Home Care Agencies - NON-MEDICAL

            Hospice Facilities

            ◘ Hospital Liability

            Laser Treatment and Cosmetic Medicine

            Major Surgery Recovery Center

            Midwives Liability

            Miscellaneous Health Care Services



Professional Liability                                                                   

            Nurses Professional Liability

            Nursing Homes

            ◘ Optometrists

            Orthopedic Recovery Center

            Para Transit Commercial Auto

            ◘ Pharmacists

            ◘ Physical Therapists

            Physicians – Doctors and Surgeons

            Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Treatment Center

            ◘ Podiatrists

            Residential Care Facilities

            Social Workers (Service Agencies)

            SPA – Beauty & Day

            ◘ Speech Therapists



Also Available:

            Workers Compensation

            Group Health Insurance / Individual Health

            Employment Practices Liability

            Business Building Property

            Business Contents Property

Directors and Officers Liability

Business Auto / Incidental to Business

            Commercial Auto / Primary Business Purpose

            Surety & Fidelity Bonds

            Excess Liability

            Business Owners Policy

            ◘ Product Liability

            Cyber Liability


46 Years Experience

U.S. Licensed Broker




Please review the listing of Application KITS available to be printed from the Web Site, and then complete the form most applicable to your business and fax to the office for processing.   COMPLETE APPLICATIONS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  NO QUESITONS SHOULD BE LEFT BLANK.  ENTER NONE AT LEAST.   Phone 801-937-7037, FAX 800-694-6363, or E-mail with any questions or service you may need.


The above is nowhere near complete, however F. D. Lindsey is licensed nationwide, with over 46 years experience, and is contracted with most of the available insurance companies offering quotes for the above business classes and is able to respond to almost any request.


              CONTACT US




Should you have any questions about a specific risk class not directly Identified above, please call 1-866-937-7037,

FAX 1-866-937-7010 or E-mail