Business Owners sometimes find that Insurance does not seem to make much sense.  An Agent asks a few questions, inquires about the claims you may have had, talks about payroll and gross receipts, wants to know the limits of liability you want quoted, and that’s about it.  The Agent seems to fill in the rest and you sign the form.   HOWEVER, to a “SPECIALIST”, it is a lot more than that.  If all you collect is the basic information noted above, then the quote you will be provided will be a general basic main street quote out of the box.


There is a lot more information that will make a difference and help tell your story.   It is important to understand and consider:


◘ How long have you been in the business, maybe not just as  an owner;


◘ Not what state you are in but what part of the state you WORK in;


◘ Who are the other contractors on the job.  In today’s LITIGOUS society everyone on the

    project is named in any suit;


  Are contracts entered into and signed by all the parties that describe the JOB?  Do

     they require evidence of insurance?  If you have to pay for insurance shouldn’t

     everyone else?  Not what insurance or how much, JUST that there is evidence of

     insurance provided by everyone, so you are not left holding the bag;


  And other obvious questions and answers that make one owner different from

     another business owner that may be available for the same job.



      Public Entity Application Kit

      Public Officials Liability Application Kit





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Should you have any questions concerning the Insurance Program, contact the Independent Insurance Agent noted above. 


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